Johnny and Joe have bought another building! The brothers are looking at plans and deciding what to do with the property. Johnny and Joes Mum Mrs Delia Marsden said "Why don't we open a hotel and call it the Huddersfield Hotel?".

Job Done!
Topping out the Hotel conversion with Pete Norman having a well earned drink.

The property is converted to a 40 bedroom hotel and Lord Wilson performed the official opening ceremony

1112111328- Pictured above are Johnny Marsden, Mr Barry SheermanM.P., Mrs Sheerman, Bob Baum (Whitbread) Lord Wilson, Joe Marsden and front row Mrs Delia Marsden (Johnny and Joe's Mum!)

Mr Barry Sheerman was in touch often with Lord Wilson who was invited by Barry to offically open the hotel for brothers Johnny and Joe. Lord Wilson informed Barry that the brothers would have to pay all his travel costs, i.e. a return flight from the Sicilly Isles to London, a return first class rail ticket to Wakefield and 5 Star accommodation at a hotel in his old consituency in Liverpool. AND if Lady Wilson accompained him the costs would be double!!!

See further on the expenses claimed by Harold from Johnny & Joe.


1112111333 - The ladies on the right are part of Johnny's Comets Dart Team

1331111211 - Above, Johnny thanking the crowd for their attendance and inviting Harold to perform the opening ceremony

1339111211 - Above, Harold thanking Paddock Youth Band for their rendition of an "Theres no place like home," followed by "Ilkley Moor Baht' At!"

1335111211 - Above and below, the moment The Right Hon. Lord Wilson of Rievaulx cut the white ribbon.


1345111211 - Outside the Hotel in Kirkgate

Sue Arnold, a reporter for the national Sunday Observer had criticised Huddersfield in one of her features. Mr. Sheerman our local M.P. invited Sue to The Hotel opening.
Sue Arnold had never been to Huddersfield before and we have it on good authority that Sue was overwhelmed and extremely impressed!

1340111211 - Above, a young Barry Sheerman thanking Harold and the crowd.

1342111211 - Above: to Harold's left Mr and Mrs Andrew Portch, to the right Mr Tony Dann. Andrew and Tony were the architects for most of Johnny and Joe's projects.

Well known local Comedian Ceddie Beaumont and his wife telling Harold his latest joke!

Barry introduces Harold to Huddersfield Town F.C. Manager Mick Buxton. Harold showed Mick a photograph of the HTFC team in his wallet and told Mick he had carried one all his life!




Town players taking tactical advice from Harold.

Local author presenting Harold with a book of the history of Milnsbridge; a village 3 miles from Huddersfield Town Centre where Harold grew up.

Warrent Officer Paddy Kagen
on the right with his recruiting team and Barry Sheerman and Harold.

When you see Johnny ask him to tell you the story of Boris who joined the French Foreign Legion

"Wally Batty" (Joe Gladwin) was filming Last Of The Summer Wine when Harold performed the Opening Ceremony. Harold and Joe swopped photographs!

Colne Valley Male Voice Choir and Harold break into song.

1437111211 - Councillor John Holt

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