Rosemary Lane Bistro

Janice happy writing bills! Nicola, Janice's daughter helping out.
Paul Pearce, keeping customers happy. Another Burns night at the Bistro.
The Christmas Staff at Rosemary Lane Bistro receiving their presents from Santa and Joe.
Beverley Callard better known as Liz McDonald in Coronation Street pictured in the Bistro Bar with Terry on the left and Paul on the right. Beverley was a regular diner at Rosemary Lane Bistro


Councilor Marjorie Fisher, Mayer of Kirklees.
The Bistro was officially opened by the Mayor.

Marjorie told Johnny that when she was a young trolly bus conductor she would call in at the blacksmiths shop just below the Bistro to get warm while waiting for the trolly bus.

The Duke of Wellington Buglers play a fanfare for the Mayor
on arrival outside the Bistro.



Johnny, Coucillor Fisher and Mr. Raymond Butterworth.
Raymond held an auction for the Mayor's Charity in the Bistro.







COMPUTER meals have arrived in town- thanks to Huddersfield nightspot owners Johnny and Joe Marsden.

But steak and chips will still taste the same with the fitting of the latest space age technology in his Rosemary Lane Bistro.
A £1500 computer terminal and print-out machines have been introduced to work out the bills and meal orders.

Now all the waiter has to do is punch out lunch on a video screen and the message is quickly relayed to the chef.
Johnny and Joe saw the system working in Chicago and decided it was just what they needed in the Bistro where, because of the building design, the kitchen is upstairs.

The system has been installed with the help of Mr Fallah Abod, a research assistant at Huddersfield Polytechnic, who has programmed the computer.  A simple code system allows waiters to communicate the order in double-fast time and the details are stored to print-out the bill at the end of the meal. “I think we must be one of the first restaurants in the country to adopt this system” said Johnny.
Restaurant manager Paul Pearce is pictured with the new computer.






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Mrs Delia Marsden, mother of Johnny and Joe celebrating her 70th birthday
November 1988
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Members of the Colne Valley Choir sang Happy Birthday and also pictured are some of the many family and friends who enjoyed a great party.