The 2000's


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Firefighters helps cancer charity
Cleckheaton firefighters are getting down to basics to promote research into men’s cancers. A party night at Johnny’s nightclub in Huddersfield will see firemen from Blue Watch getting their kit off for the Institute of Cancer Research’s Everyman campaign.

The event, on September 7th, will support the campaign to provide funds for the UK’s first centre dedicated to research into male cancer.The night kicks off at 7:30pm and will include games, a DJ, a raffle and a surprise star prize.

Event organizer Frances Thompson said: “The lads thought it was an appropriate way to support the charity which does so much for research in men’s cancers. “It promises to be a fun night out, but in very good taste!”

Tickets, priced £3 each, are available on Johnny’s.


Gorden Kaye (Renee in Allo Allo) having dinner in Johnny's and Joe's Rosemary Lane Bistro in 2000, served by Paul Pearce Maitre'D.

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TWO Victorian drums are to be returned to Longwood Sing’s committee.
The sing, which celebrates its 131st year on September 12 this year, used to have its own orchestra. But for the last few years Golcar Brass Band has accompanied the event. Chairsman of the Sing committee Mr Roger Womersley said a number of years ago the drums were given to Johnny and Joe Marsden to be used for display.

But when brothers Johnny and Joe Marsden sold the complex they were keen the drums should be returned to their rightful owners. The drums are to be cleaned by Longwood Pathfinders supervised by Lee and Angela Marsden at the Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel and displayed in the Longwood Parish Rooms at the tea following the Sing. Professional advice is then to be sought by the committee to see whether the drums can be fully restored and played at future Sings.



Residents escape as blaze hits flats
Thirty people were evacuated after fire broke out on the sixth floor of a Huddersfield town centre block of flats early today. Two workers at a nearby Johnny’s nightclub kicked in the security door at Lonsbrough Flats at 3am to warn residents. By the time flames were poring out of the windows of a flat at the tower block at the junction of Southgate and Leeds Road. Fifty firefighters were called from Huddersfield, Elland, Slaithwaite and Brighouse to tackle the blaze. Firefighting crews using breathing masks went in to save anyone who may have been trapped. The alarm was sounded after Johnny’s Night Club driver Helen Booth, who was returning to the Club, saw a fireball in the sky and rang in to find out what was happening. Lee Marsden, who was working on the Club door with colleague Andy Gray, then rushed over the road, kicked in the security door and rushed up and down the floors banging on doors and shouting to people to get out.


Halloween Party
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Below our own Vic Watson (Huddersfield Town Crier) with two of the many town criers Vic has brought from all parts of England to visit Huddersfield. (The visiting town criers still visit the Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel each year before the annual competition in Huddersfield.