Irene and the Pub Singers

Below Bacchus sits astride the barrel on the roof of the pub. A familiar landmark in Huddersfield and now has grade two planning listing. Contrary to popular belief he is not just a sailor on a barrel but in fact also the God of Wine.

Mrs Shaw, the licensee of the Boy and Barrel, was a friendly neighbour of Johnny's. When she retired Johnny decided the Boy and Barrel would make a great place for people to meet and have a drink before the club opened late in the evening.

Johnny rented the pub from Whitbread's Brewery at peppercorn rent of one pound a year. A few years later Johnny and Joe brought the pub and the freehold from Whitbread's Brewery and Whitbread's loaned the money to Johnny and Joe for the purchase.

Above Mrs Mary Shaw Licensee of the Boy and Barrel setting off to the magistrate's court to transfer the licence to Johnny on the 22nd October 1975

0104121223 - Frazer Hines, Joe Sugden of Emmerdale Farm, offically opened the Boy and Barrel, Beast Market.
0104121216 - Frazer takes over with Martin and Dave DJ's enjoying the occasion.
Job Done! Boy and Barrel officially opened, and Johnny raises a glass with Frazer.
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1512111758 - Irene Morris

Me and My Girls at the Boy and Barrel
Below are members of the cast of Halifax Light Opera Society’s forthcoming show, ‘Me and My Girl’, previewed the show before an enthusiastic audience at the Boy and Barrel, Huddersfield.

The show includes many popular songs and evening drinkers at Johnny and Joe’s  Boy and Barrel were happy to sing along with numbers such as “Leaning on a Lamp Post,” “The Lambeth Walk” and, of course, “Me and My Girl.”

The highly entertaining show opens at Halifax’s Victoria Theatre on November 13th and runs until November 17th.

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2503122342 - Irene and Peter having a good time with Albert from the Ship Inn

2603120108 - Irene plays for Ann the Irish nightingale, a very popular compair at the Boy and Barrel.

In the 1950's and before every pub had a music room with a piano and the Spotter Cow Pub opposite, Joe's Cafe had 3 music rooms and 3 pianos.

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2002121649 1301121519
2912111511 1301121519
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1312111804 - Philip Hardcastle 1312111750 - El Cid & Co
1312111747 - Pete Norman 1312111748 - Pete Norman
1312111802 - "Petal" 0704121800 - "Pete Norman"
1312111733 - George Woodrow 1312111734 - George Woodrow
1312111735 - Eric Lindley 1312111736 - Maureen O'Hara
1312111737 - Peter Hickin 1312111742 - Erick Kirkham
1312111749 - Anne Wylio 1312111743 - Mike and Darren
131211175 - Lawrie Jones 1312111752 - Eva Schober
1312111755 - Donald Gibson 1312111758 - Arthur Wilstop
1312111759 - "Big Deal" 1312111800 - Andrew McDermott
1312111801 - Donald Barret 1312111727 - Bernard Hill
1312111739 1312111731
Keith Moorhouse

Another giant boost
to the Armitage Bridge Church rebuilding fund.
The curate, the Rev Pater Leitch, (centre), is pictured receiving a £500 donation from Mr. George Woodrow and friends at the Boy and Barrel Inn, Huddersfield.
The church fund has now topped £20,000 since the disastrous blaze which destroyed the building earlier this year.
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1312111806 1312111807
1312111810 - "Pork Chop" 3112111610 - Jim Fennell rocking the Boy and Barrel as Elvis
2402121412 - Danny (Little White Bull) in the middle with four pub singers pulling the cracker. 2302121622
2402121436 1344250312 - Ralf, Frank and Cash and carry Barry the original pub gang

2603121758 2603121802

Birthday Thanks
May I, through your newspaper thank everyone who made my 70th birthday at the Boy and Barrel last week, so special.

Particularly Johnny and family for the wonderful buffet, gifts and flowers, Malcolm and bar staff, and all my friends for the lovely presents and cards.

I will never forget it, and I must not forget my family who have been wonderful too.


2503122335 - Ray Gordon ( Pork Chop) entertaining in the Boy and Barrel. Malcomb ( Pub Manager) and Santo joining in.
2301121520 - Margaret one of the regulars on a night out at the City of Varietys (Leeds). Pictured with Matthew Kelly and Roy Barraclough
0704121407 - Cyril one of the regulars in the Boy and Barrel meets the Beverly Sisters at the Royal Hospital Chelsea
0704121410 - Cyril with his friends wearing his Chelsea Pensioners uniform later in the day
131211174 - Irene Morris

Irenes Retirement Party at the Boy and Barrel Inn

Pictured are: Gregg, Johnny and Lee Marsden

THANKYOU: Pianist Irene Morris holds her bouquet as she is surrounded by her singalong friends at town centre The Boy and Barrel



Popular Local Pianist Mrs Irene Morris

PIANIST Irene Morris was a familiar face to many regulars of Huddersfield pubs. Mrs Morris spent more than 40 years entertaining customers with her piano recitals. Mrs Morris was born in Moldgreen and went to the local junior school before going to Greenhead Grammar School for girls.

After leaving school she became a hairdresser and moved to Lockwood. She married Joseph Henry Morris in 1944. They had twin daughters Hazel and Susan, followed by another daughter, Beverly.
Mrs Morris gave up hairdressing and began playing the piano at different Huddersfield venues on an evening.

Music had always been a big part of her life and she had played the piano since the age five, Her daughter, Susan Blacker, said: “It wasn’t a case of making her practice. Her parents could not get her off the piano! She loved listening to and playing music.“Family came first, then music and then sport. She loved all sports – cricket, snooker, rugby and motor racing.

Mrs Morris played the piano at charity events and variety of Huddersfield venues. She started playing the piano at the Swan in Lockwood in 1953 and continued her performances there for 32 years.In 1981 – a year after she was widowed – she was introduced to the owners of The Boy and barrel in beast market by a friend who worked there.

She began playing at the venue every Tuesday, performing everything from music hall classics to Elvis Presley songs. She spent the next 23 years playing for customers at the venue, until January last year. She has a close friendship with the pub’s owners, Johnny and Joe Marsden. They sold the pub in 2003 and after 12 months playing the new owners Mrs. Morris decided to give up her role.

But she continued to play the piano every Saturday at the crown in Brighouse. She was due to retire on September 2, the day after her death. Mrs Morris leaves her three daughters, grandchildren Stephen and Joanne and great-granddaughter Mia.

Her family plan to scatter her ashes at her favourite holiday spot in the Scottish Highlands.

A long time friend, missed by all.