2012111732 - Martin Wilkinson one of the first DJ’s at Johnnys arriving in the Beast Market in the Model T Ford he built himself. After buying the chassis and bodywork in kit form he scoured local scrapyards for the remaining parts. A white softtop hood and a spray job completed its stunning appearance.

1301121351 - Martin has now parked his car in the Beer Garden at Johnnys the young lady admiring the car is Val Javin.

1301121358 - DJ Trevor Haigh sampling a pint with Susan and friends outside Johnny’s, you can just see the new sports centre in the background (early 70’s)

1301121404 - No competition here Dave Frankish left, famous for his impersonation of Queen Elizabeth 2 getting friendly with fellow DJ Malcolm

1301121405 - Above and Below: DJ Dave Nixon welcomes David Hamilton.

Johnny's DJ Dave Nixon welcomes "Diddy" David Hamilton from Radio 1.

1301121404 - Just in case you missed it DJ’s David and Malcolm are still getting on 

1301121411 - DJs Dave Chambers and Dave Frankish spinning the vinyl in the Boy and Barrel

0801121545 - More in Boy and Barrel from left Martin Wilkinson, Tommy Donnaland, Dennis Pursell and Dave Chambers

1301121414 - Upstairs in the Boy and Barrel DJ’s Dave Frankish and Dennis Pursell warming up for their Hilda Baker and Cynthia Cabaret act.

1301121415 - DJ Tony Clark (right) waiting for a response from Johnny

0801121546 - DJ Tony Iredale, Tony was Thompsons Travel Top Rep and went on to own his own travel agency (Tony Iredale Travel) Tony was also the DJ who arranged for George Michael , Andrew Ridgley and WHAM to visit Johnny's promoting their latest releases.

"Saturday Night Fever"
Above right is Richard Evans, a D.J at Johnny's. In 1977 Richard, dressed as John Travolta danced live on stage at the ABC cinema in town. After he performed his routine to the sound track of "Staying Alive" the audiance would then see the movie. This took place every evening while Saturday Night Fever was showing at the cinema. Richard was backed by two girl dancers from Johnny's.

Do you have any photos of the girls or their names to share with us?

1982 - Phillip Wood (above), of Grasscroft Road, Honley, is going to work at a Bognor Regis holiday centre. He has been a redcoat now for two years and says he hopes to carry on for many more. He has been a very popular DJ in Johnny’s pub and club.

2202121712 - Phillip Wood taking a break outside Boy and Barrel the Across Jumbolance is in the background.

1301121425 - TJ the DJ in the 90’s.

1301121424 - Andy not Andy Pandy in charge on stage.

1304121720 - Rod Christian

2603120010 - Vince, Bar 5 Alive DJ and Rock and Roll in the Boy and Barrel

1301121428 - Andrew the Legend Andy a radio DJ at Johnnys for the Millennium

1401121651 - WOW what a lineup of talent, all were at some time resident DJ’s at Johnnys undoubtly Yorkshires Finest.

1401121649 - DJ Derek Wilson, 20 cases of vinyl records, 2 hours to set up but worth it!


Beach Party with Miss Kirklees!

2705121745 - Johnny's Nightclub hosted a charity event for the Bodyscanner appeal and raised £200. Melanie Smith is sat alongside a Beach Buggy with Johnny, Radio Manchester DJ Dave Nixon (Resident DJ on Nurses Night at Johnny's) and Joe serving the wine.


2401121605 - No admission charge for the DJ and guests (a DJ’s membership card for Johnny’s)

Above: Gary Massam, Bar 5 Alive DJ.

Above: Gary today, hotel maintenance engineer for Johnny and Joe.

Disc Jockeys at Johnny's over the Decades

Dave Keenan
Rodney Bowes
Julian Kowzan
Chris Holmes
Phil Brown
John Sigsworhty
Richard Redfearn
John Simms
Pete Swallow
John Quinn
Dave Chambers
Rod Cristian
Sydney Edwards
John Phillips
Dave Nixon

Andy Flemming
Tony Iredale
Craig Jays
Denis Purcell
Eric Bell
Frank Cuderevko
Chris Tingle
Derek Wilson
Andy Taylor
Phil and Gino
Richard Haigh
Sue Haigh
John Hamond
Dave Frankish
David Cowen