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you will enjoy looking, travelling and clicking through the decades and subjects as much as we all have putting it together.

We hope you will be reminded of the many memorable events we have tried to cover..

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We would like to hear from anyone who would wish to add their photos or stories. Maybe you have a date correction, or names of friends portrayed on the many photos.

Why the site is called Johnny’s history?

Well, Johnny is the name most remembered in our recent history and Johnny and Joe thought that people around the world would find it easier to search on the web.

Joe, Johnny’s younger brother (by 9 years) was born in 1953. In late 1969 when Johnny opened the Old Bulls Head Club Joe was working part time after the Poly Tech helping Johnny run his Taxi business. As the club became busier in the early 1970’s Joe started to help in the club as DJ, doorman and anything else needed.

Although the club was always officially known as the Old Bulls Head everyone called the club “Johnny’s”.

Johnny and Joe are proud to acknowledge all who have been part of the success and great times going back for over half a century.

To family, staff, customers and friends

Creator of this website

Johnny’s history website was built by David Whitfield, a young student attending The University of Huddersfield. All the work was done in the evenings during 2011-2012 in the reception of Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel. David was assisted by brothers John and Joe Marsden, and it took approximately 18 months for the brothers to sort out photographs from many boxes for David to load in the evenings. The brothers sorted photographs into decades and gave David the copy. The night porters spent the nights scanning and categorising the photos for David. 

After graduating from the University of Huddersfield, David went on to his career in IT and for the past 10 years has worked in the NHS as an IT and Data Manager. We are still in touch with David, and John and Joe and the family will be forever grateful for his patience and determination to see the project through. Friends, members, and customers from around the world still get in touch with us when they come across the website.

This editorial was published in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner by the News Editor Mr Neil Atkinson in 2012

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