Top Ten Night Club

Above: Watched by the Mayoress and Mrs Marsden, the Mayor takes a swing at a punch bag.

Weary night owls can rejuvenate themselves for the journey home in the gymnasium which forms part of the extensions opened last night at the Top Ten night club in Northgate, Huddersfield. Memories of his boxing career came back to the Mayor (Aid, Jack Sykes). Who officially opened the extensions, as he was shown round the gym by club owner Mr Joe Marsden.
“I couldn’t resist having a go at the punch bag. It reminded me of my training days many years ago,” said Ald Sykes. Ex-policeman Mr Tommy Sharrocks a former British police boxing champion runs a keep fit class at the club gym which is equipped with rowing machines, the punch bag and chest expanders, and guests may also use the equipment to tone up after their evening’s entertainment. Opening the extensions which also include a large new room for gaming, Ald Sykes said that they gave added comfort and refinement to an already successful night club. The evening’s cabaret was provided by Dan Dailey, an Australian vocalist who topped the poll on two successive weeks in the “Opportunity Knocks” television show last month and has just signed a seven year contract for films and records with united Artists and comedienne vocalist Dixie Lee.

0801121452 - The Mayor later in evening enjoying the cabaret
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0501121648 - The front of the Top Ten Night Club, Southgate in the early 60's, this was Joe's Cafe in 1950's. 0801121441 - Top Ten daytime shot
3012111302 - Top Ten day time shot 3012111251 - Nightime and ready for opening
3012111226 - Les on drums, Brian Nesta, Johnny Marsden and Johnny Bedford
1011111539 - Left Little Frankie, a great member, and a great Jive dancer, sat with Joe Marsden senior.
281220111534 - Johnny with dad and parrot 0801121519 - Mr and Mrs Marsden, Johnny and brother-in-law Donald Horsefall
0801121518 0801121508
1201121554 1201121555
2402120229 - Johnny on the left with his TEDDY BOY friends with lady friends.
1201121545 2602121640
0801121443 0801121509
0801121436 3012111304
3112111530 3012111228
0801121511 0801121458
0801121442 3112111532
0801121444 3012111256
3012111249 3012111247
3112111535 1512111513
1512111521 1512111517
Billy Fury
The psychedelic Morris Van pictured was hand painted by Les Taylor, an Almondbury artist years before today's digital vehicle printing. Les's sister Susan worked for Johnny in the cloakroom at the Catacombs Cellar Club. Les was well known in the town by his nickname "Tats".
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1001121724 281220111527
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0801121520 0801121438
3012111300 3012111308
0801121426 0801121427
0801121428 3012112051
1201121532 0801121449
0801121430 3012111245

3012111258 0801121445
0801121522 3012111239
0801121424 0801121516
0801121431 0801121439
1512111505 1512111507
1512111509 1512111511
1512111519 1512111515
1201121531 1201121534
1201121535 1201121540
1201121547 1201121544
1201121550 1201121549
1201121552 1201121542
1201121537 1201121539

In the days of the Continental Palace Theatre in the Old Palace, Kirkgate many of the dancers, staff and acts including comedians Colin Crompton who went on the TV show Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club and Bill Maynard who stars in Heartbeat would come round to the cafe after the show.

This is how Joe Senior got the idea to open the Top Ten Night Club.

Huddersfield Examiner 31/07/1970

“Hard” gaming,

I was a little disturbed that my letter to the Huddersfield Town Council’s General Purposes Committee meeting on “Gaming” was presented by one newspaper as an “urge” from me for “hard” gambling in Huddersfield. This was a wrong emphasis.
My letter was a plea against the intended action by the Government to restrict “hard” gaming in certain parts of the country.

I consider this intended action as illogical, unjust and unwise. Illogical because very little “hard” gaming actually takes place (although allowed) in the areas that will come under the Government’s restriction. The areas most likely to produce “Mafia”-type organisations – large cosmopolitan areas – will not come under this ban. Unjust because local authorities had not been consulted over the state of gaming in their respective areas before the Government made their decision.  Unwise because if gamin is not allowed in the open, it will go underground, and will then be more difficult to inspect and control. This could encourage sleazy clip joints, and I do believe that our local authority and police are afraid that this might happen.

Robert Gallagher

Curate to the Huddersfield Parish Church. Parish House, Venn Street, Huddersfield.