The 1990's


On your marks! Police chase for charity!

Picture taken in 1990

This group of policemen ran the 80 miles from Gomersal to the Lancashire coast in aid of the Grantham Leukaemia Fund. Their aim was to raise as much as they could towards the £100,000 target to fund a new ward at Leeds General Infirmary for sufferers in West Yorkshire. Getting them off to a good start is Mr Johnny Marsden pictured with the runners, from left, Gary Crawford, Paul Denton, Phil Mitchell, Gez Radcliffe, Mark Holberry, Bob Airey and John Clay.

Paris here we come...these mobile water carriers are all set for Huddersfield’s alternative to the Beaujolais Run.

Honley-based soft drink manufacturers Ben Shaws today launched the Pennines-to-Paris Spring Water Run.

The aim is to promote local spring water, help put the Pennines on the map and raise cash for leukaemia research through sponsorship.

More than 30 Lomax three-wheeler cars set off early today aiming to reach Paris in 14 hours.

Last night a special party was held for them at Johnny’s Nightclub – but the only drink on offer was spring water.

Colne Valley Male Voice Choir and Paddock Youth Band entertained, along with local pianist Mr Derek Caine.

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Above is a copy of Hansard, the records from the Houses of Parliament. The above was read out in the House of Commons to congratulate the Pennines Spring Run.

John Conteh (WBC Light Heavyweight Chamption 1974-1977) stayed at Johnny and Joe's Hotel in 1991

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2402121431 - Cousin Robert Marsden and our friend Ken having a laugh in the Boy and Barrel Bar.

2302121649 - Radar preparing the Union Flag ready for the crowd at Johnny's to sing the Anthem on the Queen's birthday.


Lindley Lib Senior Citizens Annual Outing
Each year, 2 coach parties would have a day trip to the sea side and a buffet supper at Johnny's Nightclub before going back to Lindley for bingo. This trip was the first time that the trippers were entertained by the latest invention, a karaoke machine.


Karaoke experience at Johnny's!
The golden oldies were brought bang up to date when a group of Huddersfield senior citizens went karaoke crazy. Around 100 of the older members enjoy Lindley Liberal Club’s annual trip to the seaside, and for the last 10 years have gone back to Johnny’s Nightclub for a supper and a good old-fashioned sing song.

But this year things were different as the day trippers ended up on stage getting to grips with the latest high-tech fad-karaoke. Mr. Joe Marsden, co-owner of Johnny’s Complex, said: “There are more than 900 songs on the machine-including the likes of Tom Jones, Max Bygraves and Vince Hill.”
“The words flash up on three television screens and the microphone is digitally-controlled to make the voice sing the same key as the music- so you don’t have to be a good crooner to have a go.”

After the meal-served by Johnny’s staff and Liberal Club committee members-the pensioners went back to Lindley for bingo. “It really was a superb day out for them,” said Joe.

Above: Time for a song… Joe Marsden (second left) is pictured on the karaoke machine with Lindley Liberal Club president Brian Cook, Eileen Taylor and Jackie Evans (right).

The Captain and Crew of the S.S. Freshford
The guys who came up from London every year stayed at the Huddersfield Hotel.
They went round the town each evening at ended up at Johnny's until the early hours. Great guys!
2812111619 - The above crew sent a total of 61 postcards and 14 letters to Johnny and the club members from all parts of the World. (All on view at the Huddersfield Central Lodge)

P.Js Sponsored Canal Jump
Pictured below is Chef Peter Midwood with Johnny and Angela before Peter jumping in the Canal at Aspley for charity.

1801121707 - The first picture of many to come of customers having a drink and a good time at Johnny's.

The reclaimed and refurbished gate house from the Huddersfield General Post Office now the reception box for the Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel Car Park.


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Burns Night with Pipe Major Whitwam
January 1992

Pipe Major Peter Whitwam addressing the Haggis with a Robbie Burns poem. The haggis can be seen with neeps and tatties at either side.

The honoured guest was Miss Barbara Knox (Rita Fairclough off Coronation Street).

Joe, Barbara Knox, Angela and Johnny
1801121820 1801121824
Danny, the Folk Singer, from the Foggy Duo with Chairlady Doreen Clark.
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1801121830 1801121837
1801121835 1801121856
1801121845 1801121833
1801121847 1801121850
1801121852 1801121854

Four a.m. and still queueing to get in!

2302121729 - Local MP Mr Barry Sheerman invited Roy Hattersley to speak at a dinner and disco at Johnny's. Above Mrs Janice Marsden, Mr and Mrs Hattersley and Mr and Mrs Sheerman.
2302121728 - Above Barry and Pam and above and below Barry's supporters.


Late night outdoor Chess
It's 3am and customers at Johnny's are sat outside the club front door playing on the giant chess board in Beast Market.

The game is over, it is just before dawn and the two winners are overjoyed. Check Mate!

The Huddersfield C.I.D were difficult to beat!

3012111655 3012111649

The Three Bears have ditched Goldilocks to help raise thousands of pounds for Children In Need in Huddersfield.
The models, which decorate the roof of Johnny's Nightclub, received a free brush up from KD Decoratives, Lockwood, before launching a huge raffle appeal at the club. Forty local firms have donated prizes for the raffle which aims to raise at least £2,000 before being drawn at the club on November 24. On Children In Need night - Friday November 20 - one bear will be at BBC North studios in Leeds while the other two will sit outside Johnny's Nightclub and Rosemary Lane Bistro as staff make collections among customers.

1701121548 3012111658

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1312111610 1312111605
1312111606 1312111555
Fred Dibnah, famous Steeplejack, Demolition Expert and Steam Engine Enthusiast. Fred was the guest speaker at one our Gentlemen's Dinner Evenings

0101121620 - Pictured are Joe (left) and Johnny (right) with visitors Vladimir Krivolapor, Ludmila Sidorova and George Kononov from Kostanai (Kazakstan) which is twinned with Huddersfield. The guests were greeted by Joe and Johnny Marsden with their national flag.  

Harvey Smith (Olympic Showjumper) stayed at Johnny and Joe's Hotel for a Burn's Night celebration

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1312111545 1312111549

Charity Party invitation

People hoarding foreign coins from their summer holidays are invited to a charity beach party
at Johnny’s nightclub on Monday.

The event has been organised by Huddersfield policeman PC Dave McSweeny to help a Cowlersley girl suffering from a severe nerve disorder.

The foreign coins will be collected to help the seven-year-old, who needs a wheelchair and will require major home adaptations.

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1312111540 1312111536
1312111554 1312111534
1312111547 1312111546
2402120251 2402120241
A great night and plenty of dosh raised for the Laura Holmes appeal.

1995 Water Shortage

26,000 liters or 5,700 gallons of drinking water

Johnny and Joe make plans

During November and December 1995, there were emergency measures taken by Yorkshire Water due to the worst draught in decades.
Hundreds of tankers were hired by Yorkshire water to transport water from Northumberland to Scammoden reservoir which serves Huddersfield.
Many homes and Business had their water supply cut off on many occasions.
Johnny and Joe hired a tanker full of drinking water similar to the one pictured. The tanker when full had 26,000 litres or approximately 5,700 gallons, the tanker was parked at the bottom of the Beast Market for approx. 3 weeks with the permission of the Highways Department and West Yorkshire Police.
The total cost came to £6,000. At the end of the crisis we had no water shortage, within the entire complex.


Having fun in the Jungle Bar

Brian Blessed (one of Britain's most famous actors) stayed at Johnny and Joe's Hotel and visited Johnny's Nightclub in 1996

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1312111440 2302121606
1312111437 1312111502
1312111506 1312111507
1312111456 - The performers and crew relaxing before and after the show. It was a terrific not horrific night!


3003121400 1512111526
1903121808 1903121806
Rocky Horror at Johnny's
Members of local amateur dramatic and operatic societies got together to perform excerpts from the show at Johnny’s nightclub.

Eight people were involved in the event, which recreated a similar one-off performance at the former Venn Street Arts Centre in 1994.

Then the Huddersfield Theatre Users organisation had put on the show to mark the closure of the venue.

Mr. Chris Brearley, of Huddersfield Light Opera Company, said: “The management at Johnny’s have always been good to amateur societies in Huddersfield and we agreed to perform the 40-minute Rocky Horror selection again to thank them."
2703121648 3003121402
1512111540 2703121651
2703121658 2703121654
2703121656 1903121758
1903121800 1903121812
1903121811 1903121807
1903121802 1903121809

Sir Norman Wisdom stayed at Johnny and Joe's Hotel in 1999. He is pictured with Besnik and Agin from Kosovo.

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Did you know?
Joe Marsden acted alongside Ron Moody (Best known as "FAGIN": in "Oliver" The Musical). Both are pictured in a scene called Treasure of The Deep for Last of the Summer Wine.

Greek Parties in the Palace Bar

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0501121418 1312111626
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3001121651 - NTL Huddersfield Central Cricket League Club Bradley and Colnebridge have received a financial boost this season with sponsorship from Johnny and Joe Marsden. Steve Ashwell is pictured receiving a cheque from Boy and Barrel manager Malcolm Carroll.

The reclaimed stone arches from Lord Street Huddersfield rebuilt in the car park at the Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel.
2101121716 - Lock, Stock and One Smoking Cigar!


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Other things


Bouncing back…Bouncers from the cast of Holmfirth Turn Again Theatre’s latest production, Bouncers And Shakers, get in some training at a Huddersfield nightclub. Mr Johnny Marsden (centre), of Johnny’s a patron of the theatre company , is pictured with (from left) Joseph Kerr, Peter Foy, Paul Cowley and Nigel Hinchliffe, who will be appearing in a combination of John Godber’s plays-Bouncers and Shakers- at Holmfirth Civic Hall from April 13 to 16. The plays have been interwoven by the show’s producer Mrs Beryl Dunhill.

Lynn's birthday
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0903121449 0903121450

Sea Cadets
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0903121606 0903121607

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0104121508 0704121422

162511032012 - Modern Jazz in the party room at Johnny's. Can you name them?

Above right, Welsh music student Tim, part time Barman at Johnny's. Tim would often sing solo in the bars giving a beautiful rendition of the Welsh National Anthem.

Nadio Granatta of Nadio's, Moldgreen competing with our chef Simon McHugh at the Palace Bar
1701121552 1701121547
2203121603 2203121604


2703121713 - Miss Jean Fergusson (Marina), Last of the Summer Wine on a date at Johnny's without Howard. 2703121706 - Friends from the Flamingo, Angela, Andy, Johnny, Danny.
2703121716 - Johnny, Peter, George all lit up in the bar.  


0704121643 0704121429

Fartown School - Class of 1972
Reunion at Johnnys. All made platinum members by Johnny and Joe.
Johnny left Fartown Secondary Modern School in 1958 aged 14 and started full time work at Appleyards Garage Southgate

...................Mrs Janet Lucas
Mr David Calvert
Mr Robert Lucas
..............Mrs Christine Quarmby
..Ms Pauline Barnes .. Ms Susan Garside
....................Mrs Anne Rouse Mr Kevin Andrews .....Mr David Hawksworth
.......................Mr John Joyce ...Ms Anna Tattersley ...Mr Trevor Brown
Can you name these people?

1404121848 1404121850

1304121719 - Dreamboys Dance Group.The dreamboys were appearing in Huddersfield but spent their time in Johnny's after their performance.

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1304121728 - STORM music group.Storm visited Johnny's in the 1990's and made many new friends

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The photo below was sent to us from Australia