The 1970's


Above is Lieutenant Greg Marsden aged 22, outside the Old College, Sandhurst after the Queen's Parade.
On the left: Above is Greg, Johnny's son aged 1, pictured outside the club waving a flag in front of a self propelled gun from the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery on a visit to Johnny's Old Bulls Head Club. Also Greg is pictured with the Royal corps of Commissionaires.

Dennis Waterman (Actor). Many tv roles including Arthur Daley's "Minder" pictured in Johnny's Jungle Diner with Mary Mullan Senior Barmaid at Johnny's in the 1970's.

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Can anyone help re the above photo?
The guys are from a band called Welcome, and the picture was taken in the Victoriana Room at Johnny's in the 70's. All the band members were regulars at the club. Pictured sat on the left is George Gray and in the middle with the top hat is Graham Phillpot who also worked in the Catacombs coffee bar in the 60's.
Does anyone have a better photo or are in contact with any of the band? We would very much like to feature these guys on our History site.

Pajama Party in Bar 4
at Johnny's

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Below: Dave Smith making wrought Iron bannisters and shelves for Johnny's Nightclub in the early 70's.

Dave Smith again in his Al Capone outfit. Pictured with Johnny and Dennis Riddle. Dave was a semi professional wrestler who did the circuit with all the top names.

dave smith


A HAGGIS was piped last night
through the streets of Huddersfield
from the George Hotel to Johnny’s Nightclub.

Accompanied by Scottish dancers,
Pipe Major Peter Whitwam led
the platterful of steaming food along John Williams street and down Kirkgate to the disco for the start of the Burn’s Night celebrations.

At the club, Chieftain Robbie Thompson received the haggis and addressed it with the Burns poem “Ode To Ye Haggis”
before it and another platter of Haggis
were carved up and served to the members.

Entry to the club was free and the
proceeds of the food and drink sales,
with a collection taken at the door,
will go to the Huddersfield Kidney Unit fund.

Seen at the piping of the haggis are (from left) Pipe Major Peter Whitwam, Mr. M. Kaye (commis chef), Mr. G.Whiteley (Head Chef).

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Judith and Pamela, folk singers pictured performing on Sunday 16th July 1973 in the VIP bar at Johnny's Nightclub.

Ruby Murray (Singer) with Dave Frankish, one of Johnny's Boy and Barrel most popular DJ's.
Going for a Ruby became popular slang for having a curry.

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Fancy Dress Party
at Johnny's

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2401121634 - Peter Townsend and Friends on holiday in the 1970's
wearing their Johnny's Boaters


Miss Great Britain (Sue Cuff)

Sue Cuff with Johnny, Miss Susan Gledhill and on the right, Mat of Matamp fame

Fancy Dress Party
at Johnny's

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2202121706 - Charlie Chaplin Fancy Dress Winner

Mr S Harrowby (right) treasurer of the Huddersfield Cancer Research Committee, receives a cheque for £160, which was raised at a fancy dress party at Johnny's Old Bulls Head nightclub from Mr Joe Marsden. The party was organised by staff from local hospitals and Johnny's gave their premises and a free buffet for the evening. The money will be used to fund Yorkshire universities. A similar fancy dress party, also for cancer research, will be held on January 20th, again at Johnny's club.

Tommy Sharrocks, Huddersfield Police and Boxing coach arranged for Johnny and Tom Marsden to meet Prince Rodney and other local boxers.


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2002121653 - Susan and Mike with their Mum and Dad setting off for a holiday in France all wearing Johnny's Boaters and Union Jacks for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, 1977.


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Dave Rodgers (Mallalieu) at the mayor’s parade 1977.

DJ at boy & barrel, bar 5, filling on the main dance floor.

Also 2 rock & roll nights starting at 1.00am finishing at 2.00am.


July 1978
It's a Farmers Knockout Tournament
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Above left and right: Johnny's Boy and Barrel Team, joint champions of Holmfirth Farmers knockout tournament in 1978

Left: Carol, Jimmy, Judith and Dave celebrating.

1304121756 1304121757

Fun nights at Johnny's Disco  
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2303121739 - Barney and Johnny 2603121805

Cousin Denis and family and friends from the Alasio coffee bar in the VIP room at Johnny's

Joe, Johnny, Mario and Nino with Sue Cuff
(Miss Great Britain) and friends in Johnny's Jungle Bar, most of you will remember many happy times at the restaurant. Mario and Nino owned in Huddersfield, The Quovadis, Trattoria alla Scala and Sole Mio.
Above Nino as most of the younger ones will remember him. Here he is making pizzas at his Restaurant the Sole Mio.
2402121543 Dyd, Peter, Vera and Tom Marsden enjoying a family night in Johnny's VIP bar.
2302121733 - Barney and Joan with friends in the VIP bar.

Bar 4  
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1304121716 1304121657
Carol Ainley on TV playing the generation game with Bruce Forsythe.