Famous Actors/Actresses

There has been a wide variety of famous actors/actresses who have been welcomed to Huddersfield by the Marsden Family.

For a photographs and more information click on to the names underlined and highlighted in blue.

Beverley Callard
David Fenwick
Paul Wyatt

Michael Aldridge
Jonathan Linsley
Bill Owen
Kathy Staff
Joe Gladwin
Danny O'Dea
Jane Freeman
Desmond Simpson
Helen Turaya
Jean Alexander
Barbara Knox
Chris Quenten
Sally Whittaker
Kevin Kennedy
Phil Middlemiss
John Altman
Francis Magee
Frazer Hines
Freddie Pine
Hugh Manning
Stan Richards
Don Henderson
Jean Rogers
Sir Norman Wisdom
Tony Haygarth
Gorden Kaye
Ruby Snape
James Bannerman
Geoffrey Bayldon
Brian Glover
Robert Lindsey
Ray McAnally
Ewan McGregor
Willie Rushton
Michael Lonsdale
Barry Rutter
Brian Rawlinson
Samuel Kane
Bruce Roberts
Dennis Waterman
Ken Morley
Michael Starke
Emma Cunniffe
Paul Bown
Ron Moody
Tom Craig
Brian Blessed
Howard Smith
Joseph Kerr
Robert Powell
Stratford Johns
Rachel Davies
Paul Mclain
Bob Grant
William Lucas
Lionel Blair
Ian Kilburn
Tony Scannell
Gareth Hunt
Beverly Callard
Craig Vye
Paul Southern
Julie T Riley
Elliot Jordan
Isobel Perrin
Matt Monero
Brian Cant
Melvyn Hayes
Hywel Bennett
Henry McGee
John Hudson
Craig Fairbrass
Liz Stooke
Barry Foster
Juliet T Wallace
Keith Calvert
Kenneth Waller
Richard Lumsden
Suzanne Bonnar
Tony Capstick
James Casey
Liz Unsworth
Jack Smethurst
Kate Robbins
First of the Summer Wine

Actress, Coronation Street
Actor, First of the Summer Wine
Actor, First of the Summer Wine
Seymore, Last of the Summer Wine
Crusher, Last of the Summer Wine
Compo, Last of the Summer Wine
Nora Batty, Last of the Summer Wine
Wally Batty, Last of the Summer Wine
Eli, Last of the Summer Wine
Last of the Summer Wine
Last of the Summer Wine
Last of the Summer Wine
Hilda Ogden, Coronation Street
Rita Fairclough, Coronation Street
Brian Tilsey, Coronation Street
Sally Webster, Coronation Street
Curly Watts, Coronation Street
Coronation Street, Where the Heart Is
Nick Cotton, Eastenders
Joe Sugden, Emmerdale
Matt, Emmerdale
'The Vicar' Emmerdale Farm
Seth, Emmerdale Farm
Dolly, Emmerdale
Comedian, Actor
Where The Heart Is
'Allo 'Allo
The Grimleys, Gaffers
Hope and Glory
Catweazel & Crowman in Worzle Gummage
American Werewolf in London, Macbeth, Alien 3
TV, Stage and Film star
The Mission, A Very British Coup
Trainspotting, Star Wars
Writer and Actor
Moonraker - Bond Film
Queenies Castle, Stg. Beck - Juliet Bravo
Nick, Home and Away
The Sweeney
Reg, Coronation Street
Actor - Brookside, Coronation Street
Actor - The Watching
Fagin - Oliver
Soldier Soldier
Actor - Flash Gordon
Comedy Actor
Jack, On the Buses
Black Beauty
A Touch of Frost
Actor, TV personality
Sgt Ted Roache, The Bill
New Avengers
Liz McDonald, Coronation Street
Nottingham Playhouse
Nottingham Playhouse
Nottingham Playhouse
Nottingham Playhouse
Nottingham Playhouse
Play Away, Play School
Gloria, It aint half hot mum
Virgin Soldiers & Shelley
Benny Hill Show, Last of the Summer Wine
Grange Hill
Londons Burning, Eastenders
Angela, Hollyoaks; Last of the Summer Wine
Eastenders, A&E
She Devil
Actor - Brigadoon
Actor - Bread


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