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George Woodrow, a regular singer at the Boy and Barrel with Ray Gorden playing his "Pork Chop" while Harold starts the crowd singing.

1400111211 - Another chorus of “Ilkley Moor Baht`At “!

1502111211 - Above , Mrs. Marsden , Barry , Harold , Johnny and Patrick
(Johnny and Joe`s nephew).
Harold sang EVERY verse of “Ilkley Moor Baht`At” !

On the dance floor at Johnny's
Left David Nixon Disc Jockey explaining to Harold the music policy for tonight looking on Nick Harty

Jimmy Collins with his wife Andria and their boys. The family were very good friends to Johnny and Joe over the years.

1519111211 - Above, Joe with John and Lynn Bostock the organisers of Johnnys Comets Darts Teams. Later Harold played Darts with several of the team members.

Lord Kagen of Gannex fame enjoying a cigar.

Darts Team "Johnny's Comets" challenge Harold to a game!

1416111211 - Derek Hey,Gary Dooley and Dick Hirst (3 of Yorkshires finest)

1517111211 - Above right , Mr. Keith Moorhouse , a Huddersfield Fireman and qualified electrician explaining to Harold how the brothers had used Best Practice regarding Fire-Detection Systems throughout the whole complex.
Keith was responsible for the supervision of the installation of the system. On a lighter note Keith was a GREAT singer in The Boy & Barrel and would regularly raise the roof by getting everyone to sing “Jerusalem” !

1356111211 - Brian Hayhurst showing his fashion sense!

Securicor Guards stand praudly with Barry and Harold.

1441111211 - Mr Keith Calvert, the Bistro bar manger pictured on the left.

2911111522 - Say Cheese!

Fred Hill and his wife Margaret. Fred was a well known and liked character in Huddersfield. When Johnny and joe took over the Boy and Barrel, Fred was on the door to greet customers.

1358111211 - Harold and Councillor Lawrence Conlon.

1427111211 - An admirer receives a welcome.

1401111211 - In the foreground Gordon , pianist and Musical Director , famed for his duo with Pat Graham. No prizes for guessing who the rest are !
(A clue , one is Lord Kagan !)

Above a local radio reporter interviews Harold for his radio show. Do you know his name?
(NO, it's not David Frost!)

Below Harold signing the Visitors Book for Johnny.
With Lord Wilson' permission a Honeymoon Suite was named "The Lord Wilson of Rievaulx Suite", where Harold stayed on three separate occasions when visiting Huddersfield. This had a King-sized Four-poster bed. The suite over the years was used by many Honeymoon couples for their "nuptials"! When you seen Johnny, ask him what he did with his pipes in the suite on the day of a couple's Wedding!

1431111211 - Lord Wilson signing the visitors guest book for Johnny

Now for the cost to Johnny and Joe for the visit of Harold.

Lord Wilson was supposed to stay approximately one hour, in fact he spent SIX HOURS visiting every part of the complex. Harold rang Johnny the day after and asked Johnny to send a cheque for £25.00. Harold said that this was a reflection on the day, the people he met, local off-duty Police Officers, Church people, Army Recruitment Staff, Dart Teams, Junior Brass Band members and many many more local people who all made him so welcome!

The Lord Wilson of Rievaulx, Knight of the Garter, Order of the British Empire, Fellow of the Royal Society, Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Privy Counsellor.

Harold Wilson was born and attended school in Huddersfield. He was the youngest Don and lecturer at Oxford University.

Elected Prime Minister in 1964, he won four elections and served two terms until 1976. During his terms in office he carried out a number of liberalizing social reforms e.g. abolition of capital punishment and reduction of voting age. He significantly expanded higher education and started the Open University. He was also responsible for increasing social benefits, pensions and increasing expenditure on, and modernizing the NHS.

He died in 1995 at the age of 71.


The T-Shirt given to Lord Wilson by Brian Hayhurst in 1984 with the words
'I opened the Huddersfield Hotel'

Lady Wilson returned the T-Shirt given to Lord Wilson with the above letter. As to whether he ever wore it we are not sure. He did stay with Johnny and Joe on 3 further occassions. Each one are part of Johnny and Joe's most special memory's and the stories he would tell them.

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