Phonebox Bar

Joe Marsden co-owner of Johnnys nightclub tops up comedian Charlie Williams' drink from the world's smallest bar.


Boxing Clever!
They say small is beautiful, and when it comes to bars they don’t come any smaller than the 100% Bass-supplied Johnny’s Bar. Recognised by the Guinness Book of Records in 1987 as the world’s smallest licensed bar, Johnny’s is housed in an old GPO red phone box.

It is just one of eight bars at the Marsden brothers' leisure complex, which has just become a major new Bass account. Co-owners of the business, Joe and Johnny Marsden decided to switch to Bass products after many years of “gentle persuasion” by recently retired territory sales manager, John Henderson and area sales manager Tony Parnaby.

The account is now handled by Howard Hollingworth pictured on the right.

TV date for tiny bar
The World’s smallest bar … Joe Marsden, of the Johnny's night club, is pictured in the record-breaking bar which is to appear on television in November. It is also in The Guinness Book of Records.

The bar, which was granted a licence in 1985, is to be featured in Kennedy’s Secret Kingdom on ITV’s This Morning programme.Hosted by personality Sarah Kennedy, the show involves her travelling around the country on pushbike called Gladys in search of unusual objects.

Sarah spent the morning at the Huddersfield Hotel while filming was taking place. The show will be shown on television between 11.45 and noon on Wednesday November 6.



At last – but not out of my best – I look a hundred! When I’m next up North I shall try and pop in.

I really enjoyed your excellent bar staff and the first pub/hotel to serve decent bar wine. I enjoyed the bottle very much and I still can’t believe the police allowed me to park on the double yellows – I’ll talk to the Met eh?

All love and best wishes,
I’ll be back – is Herbert writing to Gladys

Sarah Kennedy