Boy and His Barrel Renovation


In 1994 Johnny and Joe were very concerned regarding the condition of the Boy and Barrel wooden figure on the roof of the Boy and Barrel. They managed to arrange a full restoration at the Bradford Industrial Museum.
Above pictures show the bad conditions of the timber.
Below is pictured the Boy being craned off the roof to start his journey to Bradford.

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On the right, Santo and Andy carefully arrange for, the God of Wine, the Son of Zeus and Semele to return to his rightful place.
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Bob’s back on top of the world!
Freezing temperatures meant a chilly return for Bob – the boy on the barrel – as he took up his rightful position again today above Beast market.
 He was given a warm welcome by passers-by and staff as he was hoisted on the roof of the Boy and Barrel pub after 18 months away.

Big celebrations are planned but they will be put on hold until the weather improves. Bob, nine foot tall and weighing half-a-ton, has been stripped, restored and repainted,

The symbol of Bacchus, Roman god of wine, has been on display in Bradford Industrial Museum for a year since his restoration.

Created at the turn of the century, he has faced all weathers on top of the pub. Now he is back in tip-top condition.
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